Resident Education for the Assessment and Care for Headache (REACH) Program

Bring REACH to Your Institution

Thank you for your interest in bringing an all expenses paid education initiative locally to your Department of Neurology or other specialty department. Our Resident Education for Assessment and Care for Headache (REACH) program aims to inspire adult and pediatric neurology residents to receive high-quality education and, potentially, pursue careers in headache medicine so they can better serve the needs of migraine and headache patients. 

The REACH program is centered around an innovative half-day curriculum that covers essential concepts in headache medicine. The program includes neurology department-wide Grand Rounds with an expert from AHS and smaller education modules specific for neurology residents customizable for up to a half-day didactic curriculum, as well as online education elements.

If your institution is interested in hosting REACH to educate your Department of Neurology and trainees for an update in the field of headache, please fill out the form and view a sample curriculum here. REACH programs are scheduled every spring for the upcoming academic year. All program requests are welcome, but institutions without a Headache Specialist are prioritized.

*Please note that a REACH program is only eligible at your institution every 4 years.